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5-Year-Old Boy Pranks 2-Year-Old Playmate in Elevator, Unknowingly Sends Her to Death

Kids love to have fun and enjoy pranking their friends from time to time but as young ones, they have no idea that these fun activities might actually bring them danger and could even cost them their lives.

Such is what happened to a young bunch of playmates who were just having fun at the elevator of their apartment building in China. One of them died after the other played a prank, unknowingly sending his playmate to her death – and it’s hard to even hold him liable for the incident because he’s just 5 years old!

It appears that the three kids were left unattended as they could be seen playing at the elevators without any adult in sight.

A review of the CCTV footage showed three kids, one boy and two girls, playing at the elevators. They got off safely on one floor and could be seen walking outside but just before the elevator doors closed, the 5-year-old boy suddenly had the idea of pranking his 2-year-old playmate Li Li.

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He hurriedly carried her back inside the elevator, something that he found rather easy to do as she was so small.

Once inside, he pressed a button which was later revealed to be ‘18’ that corresponds to the building’s 17thfloor located at the top. Then, he pressed the button to close the door and quickly jumped off just as the doors began to close.

Trapped inside, the girl was later seen banging at the doors, to no avail. She alighted on the 17th floor but was later discovered at a terrace on the first floor, already dead. It was believed that she fell between the gaps in the buildings as she tried to climb down to the lower floors.

It is possible that the boy might not be held liable over the incident, especially because of his age. The authorities did not reveal more details on Li LI’s family except that she was being cared for by her grandmother when the incident happened.

Watch the girl’s last moments in this chilling video:

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