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ATTENTION UAE Expats! New Rule Will Be In Place On Jan 2018, For Over Staying in UAE!

We have been asked by our visitors:

1: What are the Latest Overstay Rules in UAE?

2: What is the overstay fine for visit visa holders in UAE?

3: What is the overstay fine for Tourist visa holders in UAE?

4: Please describe UAE overstay and Grace Period rules in UAE?

5: In case of Overstay in UAE, can I face Immigration Ban?

6: If I am living illegal (overstay) and get caught, what will be next process?

7: Can I pay overstay fines after long overstay period without ban?

8: Will UAE Authorities deport me if I overstayed for more than 3 months in UAE?

9: What are the Latest Overstay Rules on Residence or Employment Visa in UAE?

There are hundreds of related questions we have received by UAE overstay expats who are asking for help.
We have decided to write some informative and authentic lines regarding Overstay in UAE. Before proceeding to Latest Overstay Rules, keep in mind that there are 2 Type of people who are facing overstay issues.

A: Visit/Tourist Visa Holders.

B: Employment/Residence Visa Holders.

Thousands of people are coming to UAE on Visit or Tourist visa. Due to unknown reasons some of them couldn’t return on time to their home countries, most of them want to get Employment visa or waiting for a response from their new sponsors stuck themselves into overstay or illegal stay in UAE.

There are hundreds of those who are living legally on Employment or Residence visa in UAE but due to cancellation and some other reasons such as new employment visa, collecting gratuity and other pending payments, they also enter their names in the list of Overstay people in UAE.

Let start writing both Visit/Tourist visa holders and Employment/Residence visa holders who are overstaying in UAE.

Overstay Rules for visit/ tourist visa holders:

If you are a visitor on visit visa or Tourist on Short Term Tourist visa and overstays due to family, financial or any other issues, you will have to pay the fine for each day you live extra.

Yes, if a tourist or a visitor overstays any part of UAE, he/she will be fined with a certain fee to be paid at the immigration offices within state area or at the Travelling Airport when exiting the country.

What if you are on visit visa and get job but overstay for new visa?

First, keep in your mind that working on Visit or Tourist visa is illegal in UnitedArab Emirates.
In case if you are on Visit or Tourist visa and get a job call, you must change your visa status from visit visa or Tourist visa to employment visa.

If you have given an offer letter to sign and begin employment process but unluckily due to some unwanted reasons you have not exit the country or have not change the sponsor within the time period or date mentioned on the visa,
the fine for the first day would be 200 AED, and then a further 100 AED will be charged for each subsequent (extra) day.

So, it is our advice to leave country asap if your sponsor cannot provide you employment visa before expiry of visit visa or Tourist visa.

Overstay Rules for Residence & employment visa holders:
Below are the latest overstay Rules on Employment visa and Residence visa in UAE.

As per the immigration department in UAE, residence who are going to cancel their employment visa’s will have to leave UAE within 30 days. In simple words if you have cancelled your visa on 1st of the month you need to exit country on 30th November.

Sometime people get confused at the time of Cancellation, please note that once your previous work ends and your visa is cancelled by your company, you have 30 days remaining to prepare for your next job either it is new job, or leaving country. You will have to find new job within 30 days to avoid fines.

Those extra 30 days are called GRACE Period. In case of overstay on Employment visa in UAE, you will be subjected to fine, keep in mind that it will be just a fine not a criminal case. Fine amount on Employment and Residence vis in UAE is 125 AED for the first and 25 AED from the second day.

Fine for Spouse Visa:
Yes, this fine also apply to a worker’s spouse, and anyone else who overstays in the UAE.

What if Employer (company) is delaying visa process? 

It may be advised that if your prospective employer is unable to provide you a visa within a reasonable period, you may need to leave t the country to avoid payment of any overstay fines.

You can return to UAE once your company has secured a new visa for you.

Ban on Overstay:

UAE Residence, visitors or Tourists who have completed their legal stay but overstays and significantly exceeds the grace period, by a further 30 days or more, could find that they have extra penalties and issues to face with their names added to an immigration blacklist.

Can Blacklist Person Enter UAE again?

Exceeding the grace period or living illegally could prevent you from re-entering the UAE

What other Issues overstay person can face?

In the event if you stay more than the grace period (30 days or more), you can face below penalties:

1: Your name will be entered in blacklisted persons list.

2: You may face Immigration Ban.

3: You can face jail terms up to 3 months.

4: You may be issued a deportation order by Authorities.

Final Words:

Try to avoid overstaying in UAE or you can face jail and immigration ban. Those whooverstay can face lot of issues and should be aware of above mention consequences.

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Admin Advice:

You may contact (MOHRE) the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (previously, the Ministry of Labour) in the event of a dispute with your employer (company) or should you face any infringements/violations in respect of your rights as an employee (worker).


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