VIDEO: Biker babe famous for racy Instagram stunts dies in tragic crash

Biker babe famous for racy Instagram stunts dies in tragic crash

A female biker from Russia who rose to fame on Instagram for her risqué stunts died in a high-speed crash in Russia.

Olga Pronina, 40, would regularly post on her Instagram (@Monika9422) which has more than a hundred thousand followers, videos of her doing stunts in motorcycle while wearing skimpy outfits which earned her the title “Sexiest Motorcyclist” in Russia.

Her unexpected death came Monday evening while racing through the city of Vladivostok and suddenly lost control of her BMW S1000RR motorbike. She crashed into a fence and her bike split in half due to impact while she suffered fatal injuries and died before any medical help could reach her.

According to The Sun, in one of her last videos, Olga, who also works as a hairdresser, could be seen drinking from a straw while riding her motorcycle running at 250kph. And she also has reportedly breached all rules for safety and usually rides at high-speed. She has been ticketed for speeding offenses multiple times.

A friend came to the scene 10 minutes after the incident. They couldn’t find her action camera so they were not sure if Olga was filming another video when she died.

Police did not find anything suspicious about her death. She’s believed to have left a 16-year-old daughter.



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