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Dubai ‘celebrity’ plastic surgeon suspended over immoral viral clip

The doctor has been suspended and will be referred to a violations panel for questioning over the incident.
A well-known plastic surgeon has been suspended by Dubai Healthcare City authorities after a video footage from his clinic – that showed him doing acts that are against the morals, customs and traditions of the UAE and infringe public decency laws here – went viral on social media platforms.

The clip, which contains scenes that contradict the morals and traditions of society, has sparked a wave of anger and outcry from the public.

The doctor has been suspended and he will be referred to a violations panel for questioning over the incident.

Dr Ramadan Al Baloushi, CEO of the Dubai Healthcare City, told Khaleej Times that once the authorities were informed about the footage that went viral on social media, the video was collected from inside his clinic and handed over to the authorities right away, to be verified. The physician’s licence was also suspended. The final decision in the physician’s case will be made in two weeks.

The doctor defines himself as a “celebrity” plastic surgeon. His website, as well as that of the clinic’s, shows many famous faces that he claims are among his patients, with ‘before’ and ‘after’ surgery photos. He also posted some video clips taken while performing surgeries on patients. The doctor is based out of Lebanon and has clinics in Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to which he pays monthly visits.

The authorities have also sent a circular to all hospitals and health facilities in the country informing them about the doctor’s suspension.

“In these kind of violations, the Dubai Healthcare City authorities take special action in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), and other health authorities in the country, to ensure that the violator is penalised as per the laws and rules followed in the country,” Dr Al Baloushi said.

However, legal action will be taken against the physician and not the clinic which employed him. The penalty is contingent on the disciplinary panel’s estimation and may vary – it may either be a temporary suspension, or fines will be imposed against the offender, or the doctor’s licence may be revoked.

The Dubai Healthcare City authorities are keen to maintain the reputation of the city, Al Baloushi said, adding that this is the first such scandal that has been reported in the 13 years since the Healthcare City was founded.

“There are clear laws and regulations, which must be adhered to by physicians when doing promotions in media outlets or on the social media platforms,” Al Baloushi pointed out.

During a phone call with a MoHaP official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the official stated that the Dubai Healthcare City had confirmed the physician’s suspension.


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