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Filipina in Dubai Willing to Go to Jail to Pay Off Sister’s Hospital Bills

After suffering a heart attack in June, a Filipina breadwinner who worked in Dubai for three years finally arrives back home, in the arms of her family.

However, her more than one month-stay in the hospital left behind a huge medical bill that her family now has to pay for, according to Gulf News.

Techie Santos, 35, sustained brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation after she was discovered motionless and stock-still at her flat on June 21. Because of this, Santos remains paralyzed but is able to hear and blink, the report said.

According to Gulf News, the International Modern Hospital ensured her smooth repatriation and discounted her pending bills, the hospital’s CEO Dr. Kishan Pakkal said in an interview. This was in line with the ‘Year of Giving’.​

Other fees like the cost of her repatriation amounting to Dh62,500 were settled through the help of Santos’ company and the Philippine consulate.  

However, an amount of Dh30,000 has still to be paid after her health insurance maxed out during her lengthy stay at the hospital.

Her sister, Crismanne, is still at a loss on how to pay for the hospital bills despite being given an extension to settle their medical debt.

““I am grateful that the hospital allowed us some time to settle the balance, but I do not know where [else] I can get the money from. I am willing to go to jail if that would pay off my sister’s hospital bill. I really hope someone could help us,” Gulf News quoted Crismanne as saying.

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