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Jaywalker dies after being run over in Umm Al Quwain

The Emirati driver was surprised to see the jaywalker, and was not able to avoid hitting the man.
A 27-year-old African resident died after a car ran over him on the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road at Al Labsa area in Umm Al Quwain.

Col Humaid Alhmed Saeed, deputy director of the traffic and patrols department, UAQ Police, said they were alerted of the accident, which was caused as the victim was crossing the road from an undesignated area.

The central operations room of the UAQ Police dispatched a traffic patrol, an ambulance, paramedics and rescue teams to the site. “However, the young man was already dead due to the heavy impact and excessive bleeding.”

The victim failed to check the road before crossing from a non-zebra area, Col Saeed added. “The driver, an Emirati national, was surprised when he saw the jaywalker while driving from Falaj Al Mualla towards Umm Al Quwain.” He tried to avoid hitting the man, but it was too late, Col Saeed pointed out. “The victim died on the spot.”

The pedestrian should have checked if the road was clear or not before crossing to remain safe, he noted. “The car involved in the accident was on the correct lane, but if the driver were more attentive he might have been able to avoid running over the man.”

All motorists need to focus on the steering wheel and never be distracted with their mobile phones or anything else, Col Saeed urged.

“The public is also advised to cross the road from the designated pedestrian areas, use the overpass or subway if available, or at least check the road before crossing to stay safe.”

With several run-over accidents being reported in the emirate over recent years, the traffic and patrols department have launched campaigns to ensure pedestrians’ safety.

Col Saeed said pedestrians should be given priority at the designated areas to ensure their safety. “Turning blind eye to such a simple rule is blamed for many of the run-over accidents reported recently.”

He warned that a fine of Dh500 along with six black points would be slapped against any driver who does not give priority to pedestrians as per Article 43 of the traffic law.

“Also a fine of Dh400 shall be imposed against any jaywalker who crosses the road from the undesignated areas according to Article 147 of the traffic law.”


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