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Netizens Express Outrage over Photos of OFW Sleeping on Kitchen Floor with Plastic Sheet as Blanket

It is truly sad what a lot of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have to go through just to earn money abroad to provide a better life for their families. Thankfully, not everyone suffers through the same fate, with many also living the dream life yet there are still hundreds who remain in bad condition.

Take for example this OFW pictured sleeping in the kitchen and using only a plastic sheet as blanket.

According to another OFW named Rose Saro who works in Al-Mangaf, Kuwait, she had accompanied her employer to the house of the woman’s friend when she discovered the sad situation this other worker is experiencing in this household.

Saro did not mention the woman’s name, where she’s from, and where exactly was she working at, but she posted photos showing the OFW sleeping on the kitchen floor with a plastic sheet as a blanket to keep warm.

Photo credit: Rose Saro / Facebook

Indeed, it was a difficult situation and as a woman in the Middle East, Saro and this unnamed OFW are powerless to do anything. Even Saro’s female employer could do nothing about the situation – except perhaps tell her friend to treat her helper better. But in terms of reporting this to the authorities, Saro and the women there couldn’t do anything else.

As of press time, it is unknown whether the OFW was able to find the help she needed but this only shows the harsh reality that a lot of workers have to go through. This and similar situations have made a lot of people angry, with thousands calling for a total ban in sending domestic helpers to the Middle East.

Photo credit: Rose Saro / Facebook

But with thousands of women also hoping to find jobs in these countries out of desperation, we could only wish the government could do something to ensure their safety and fair working conditions.



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