Woman jailed in UAE for selling $@X for drugs

Woman jailed in UAE for selling $@X for drugs

A female drug addict, who had sex with a drug dealer in exchange for tramadol, has been jailed for 10 years in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance jailed the Arab woman after she was found guilty of possessing and consuming drugs.

Official court documents stated that the woman had come to the UAE a few years ago to work at a restaurant in Abu Dhabi. After a few months, she got fed up of the job after allegedly being mistreated by her boss. She also complained of not being able to save any money.

The woman reportedly told her friend about her problems. The friend gave her tramadol pills, saying they would help her forget about her problems. The convict soon got addicted to the prescription-only pills and continued asking for more from the friend.

The friend, however, told her that she was buying the pills from someone and could no longer give them to her for free. She introduced her to the dealer, but the convict had no money to pay for the drugs.

The man allegedly offered to give her a packet of 10 tramadol pills per week in exchange for sex. The woman was arrested during a police raid. The drug dealer has been charged and is on trial in a separate case.

Source: www.youfalcon.com

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